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Heat Pumps

Affordable comfort all year round

Ductless heat pumps are the ideal solution for home renovations because they offer flexibility and compact installations.


Ductwork can be a challenging part of a home renovation, but one that is easily avoided with a ductless heating system. They offer discreet ways to heat either a single room or an entire home with a variety of sizes and styles to choose from.


Homeowners like the fact that they suit any style of home or décor and can help them save money by only heating the areas of their home that they use.

Expert Ductless Heat Pump Installation

A ductless system puts the heat exactly where you want it. You can choose to have your system installed on the wall, near the floor, or with a ceiling mounted system.


There are several different ductless systems offered through Carrier, and we're happy to help you compare features to ensure that you are getting the right system for your home.


Here are some samples of ductless heat pump options available through Carrier – a manufacturer we highly recommend. We have found their products to have the quality, reliability and price points that many of our customers are looking for. 


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Wall Mounted Systems

don’t require a ducting system and offer more efficient heating that typical baseboard heating. Amazingly quiet, you’ll hardly notice them at all, and each can be individually controlled. Another advantage is getting to use your entire floor space without worrying about worrying about whether furnishings are obstructing the circulation. Some popular carrier models include the Infinity® High Wall Indoor Unit, the Performance™ High Wall Indoor Unit (40maq), or the Comfort™ High Wall Indoor Unit(40mhhq)

Cassette Ductless

Mini Split Heat Pumps

mount on the ceiling and provide airflow in four directions at once. Because the compressors and motors are outside of your home, you won’t notice the unit turning on or off and you can connect multiple indoor units to one outdoor unit. Like the wall mounted systems, the cassette option lets you control one room at a time, or a multi-unit heating zone. Another option for ceiling mounted ductless heating and cooling is a slim duct unit that can recessed such as the Carrier Performance™ Cassette Indoor Unit(40MBCQ).

Floor Mounted Ductless Systems

are a cost-effective alternative to an electric baseboard heater and can be installed on the outside walls of any room. Carrier has models such as the  Performance™ Floor Console Indoor Unit (40mbfq)

Give us a call, and we'd be happy to provide you with advice on the best system for your home and a free estimate.

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