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Tankless Hot Water Systems

Why pay to heat water that you might use, when you can choose to only pay for the hot water that you actually use?  That’s exactly what’s happening if you’re still using a hot water storage tank. Conventional hot water tanks take up space and energy, heating a limited amount of water that often runs out by the time the morning routines are done. 

While the initial investment for a tankless hot water system is slightly greater, they save energy and costs by delivering hot water on demand – wasting less water, energy, and time. Depending on the manufacturer, a tankless hot water system typically lasts 20 years, unlike conventional hot water tanks that have a life expectancy of about 10 years. 

If you’re considering installing a tankless hot water system, we recommend Navien brand products and can help you determine which size and model is best for you home. We will ask a few questions about the amount of water your family requires at the times of the highest demand. 

For example, a hot shower typically uses 2.5 to 3 gallons of water per minute at a temperature of about 104 degrees. A dishwasher might demand 1.5 gallons per minute but at a higher temperature of 110 degrees. By anticipating what the typical demand is, we can recommend a model that will meet your need without overworking the system. Installing low flow water fixtures can also reduce the amount of hot water you use.

If you’re considering a tankless hot water heating system, in-floor heating with water is another option. It’s non-vented, quiet, and means you have one gas appliance in your home that heats the water you use, and the water that warms your home. Ask about systems like the iFlow Hydronic Furnace

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